The SWAG Report 099

Friday, 30 March 2012

Awright, here's one for alla da punks,

Well, not jus' da punks junky – don' worry, I ain't gonna spike my hair on ya or nuttin' – but dis week's SWAG Report owes a lot ta dat sound an' spiky personality, dat's fer shoor. Right off da top, I gotcha some real gold! I nabbed the firs' tune from da new OFF! reckid what comes out in May. Dis time, the guys inna band know what ther doin' is gonna work, so ther throwin' some weight around; in addition ta bein' a bit beefier onna playin' side, “King Kong Brigade” issa LONGEST song OFF! has ever released! Shoor, i's still only a minit an' thirty-seven seconds annat's only two seconds longa than “Rotten Apple” an' four seconds longa than “Poison City,” but i's still the longes'. Who knows? We'll know if'ey sold out whenna album comes out on May 8 an' features a song thit's two minutes long. Go check it out though – “King Kong Brigade” is good shit.

Innat same vein, I nabbed new tunes from The Dig, The D.A. an' Shout Out Out Out Out this week, ann'ey're all fuckin' awesome junky, take 'em all. All three band's sound like ther hungry or jonesin' or both, ann'ey all play fer keeps here! I can't say enough about'ese kids; I ain't no punk, b't I know what I like annis is it!

The rest o' you junkies shouldn' worry though, I didn' leave ya out inna cold. Fer the metal heads, I nabbed a new tune by dis band called Putrid Dynasty (how it sounds is inna band's name – don' make me spellit out fo'ya), I swiped some new Kronos Quartet (coverin' Bob Dylan! Yeah!) fer the chin-strokin' an' collegiate crowd, new Now Now, Literature an' Patrick Watson fer the kids what like ther indie rock an' some new wave o' da future stuff from Huoratron fer the electro-clashin' junkies outt-ere. That's only jus' some too junky, so scroll down an' look around. You'll find lots ta get hooked on, so go forth and pilfer yer weasselly black guts out!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Agoldensummer – "Daniel Bloom"

Ane Brun – "Do You Remember"

Balam Acab – "Oh, Why"

Benjamin Francis Leftwich – "Atlas Hands"

Brave Chandeliers – "Mad Men"

Dent May – "Best Friends"

Etienne Sin – Behold The Renaissance

Etienne Sin – The Art Of Stealing Hearts

Field Report – "Fergus Falls"

Field Report – "I Am Not Waiting Anymore"

Fixers – "Another Lost Apache"

Huoratron – "New Wave Of Mutilation"

Jaecyn Bayne – "We Got Now"

Kronos Quartet – "Don't Think Twice (Bob Dylan cover)"

Literature – "Criminal Kids"

Now Now – "Dead Oaks"

OFF! – "King Kong Brigade"

Patrick Watson – "Into Giants"

Ponkiak – "Highest Echo"

Putrid Dynasty – "Choke On Your Regret"

Shout Out Out Out Out – "Never The Same Way Twice"

State Faults – Head In The Clouds EP

Steve Gates – "Proud Convey It"

TeenDaze – "Fantasy"

The D.A. – "We Hungry"

The Dig – "Red Rose in the Cold Winter Ground"

Twin Cobras – "Cool Kids"

Zambri – "Hundred Hearts"

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