The SWAG Report 098

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Oh boy Junky,

Aw, dis week's jus' a little charmed fo'ya innit, ya vein-spikin' reprobates? It doesn't happen often thatcha get a tune thit plays ta yer proclivities but, dis week, we got somethin' special: a new Garbage tune thit I swiped from ther firs' album in nine years, an' it's called "Blood For Poppies" Blood fer poppies?! That's all aboutcha junky! It wis made fer you, anni's screamin' out ta be included innis column, so here it is; a slinky, sleazy bit o' dirt tiefed from them by me fer you, annit's prolly the bes' thing ol' Shirley an' Butch've done in about fourteen years. Get it love it live it an' say thank you ya so an' so.

That's some pretty good stuff by itself, but it's not the only strain I got this week junky. I nabbed a new tune from dis band I know ol' fi' dollar Billy's a fan of: Horse Feathers. Dis time out, it sounds like Horse Feathers're gonna be gettin' a little bit darker an' eerier, which might make fer somethin' fuckin' awesome when'eir new reckid comes out. I's s'posed ta be called Cynic's New Year annit's hittin' in about three weeks (on April 17). Dis tune, "Fit Against The Country" will be a great taste fer you ta get a habit fumin' though.

What else? Oh yeah, I nabbed some new tasty vittles from this band called England In 1819 (those'll fit right in a mix wit' Horse Feathers, trus'me), two great ones from Cursive, two great ones from David Newberry an' one from dis thought ta be long departed great Canadian band called Skydiggers. That Skydiggers tune is good an' makes fer a great firs' re-appearance, but everything in my bag o' SWAG is awesome dis week junky, so go geddit!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Bryan Fenkart – "OK"

Cursive – "The Sun and Moon"

Cursive – "Wowowow"

David Newberry – "English Bay"

David Newberry – "Rock Bottom"

Each Other – "Traces To Nowhere"

England In 1819 – "Air That We Once Breathed"

England In 1819 – "Skyscraper"

Garbage – "Blood For Poppies"

Horse Feathers – "Fit Against The Country"

It's A Musical – "For Years And Years"

King Of Prussia – "Your Graduating Hours"

Mr. Gnome – "The Way"

Mr. Gnome – "Watch The City Sail Away"

Murs – "Gods Gone Crazy"

S. Carey – "Two Angles"

Scout – "Under Attack"

The Skydiggers – "Waves"

Walter Rose – "Driving South"

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