The SWAG Report 097

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Hey Junky,

So how's tricks? I was thinkin' 'boutchu da otha day, didja know dat? I was out walkin' down by Broome and Lafayette (on my way ta Chinatown fer a bitta white fer dis high-rollin' guy I know wit' too much money – so his shit's always cut pretty thin) an' I wis thinkin' “Those junkies, they take everything I got, but I don' stand behind most of it.” Mebbe fi' dollar Billy's right – ya hafta care about whatcher doin' ta make it matta. I wis thinkin' aboutt'at, ann'en'is guy slips me dis tune called “C-Bomb.” Right'ere onna street! Gave me a business-lookin' card wit' a download code onnit, an' jus' kept on walkin'!

Stolen merch like it wis nothin'! I kin appreciate'at, so of course I went home 'an nabbed it. Annit's really, really fuckin' good! Punk like it wis in the Bowery inna mid-Seventies; a little sped up, a little strung out, hungry an' LOUD. I wis hooked right'en ann'ere, ann'at's when it came ta me: I should dedicate a SWAG Report ta stuff thit really gets me off! So dat's what I'm doin'is week junkie, yer gettin' da good stuff, da stuff I'd use myself, ann'it's fuckin' near pure, lemme tell ya.

I figgered, first, I'll give ya dat tune the kid who inspired me ta do dis laid on me, cause it's guaranteed ta getcher Hanoi Rocks off, bitch. The band who wrote “C-Bomb” is called Katalina Kicks, ann'ey're from London. We still won' hol'dat against 'em though, cause ther fuckin' great! Dis tune is all Johnny Thunders when he wis wettin' his Wheaties down wit' Jack, anna vocals soun'like a deadly cross between John Lydon an' Dick Manitoba; you'll be cuttin' yer hair wit' lighters again after hearin'is – I promise! That oughtta getcha a little numb, so go nab the tunes by We Are Busy Bodies, Young Turks an' Wolves At Bay nex' they'll soothe that itch thit “C-Bomb” starts jus' right wit scruffy an' mean guitars so sharp the'd cutcha soon as look atcha. Dat's some good, good shit.

Aw what am I sayin' alla dese tune're right outta my private stach an' reserves, so go gett'em all! Ther habit-forming, an' I'd know – dese're da tunes what've got me hooked so far dis year! Take 'em all in good health.

Love an' sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder

Blacastan – "Just Don't Know"

Born Without Bones – "Priviliges"

His Day Has Come – "Resolutions"

Jenny Gillespie – "Creature Of Our Make"

Jenny Gillespie – "Sunshine Blood"

Kalle Mattson – "Water Falls"

Katalina Kicks – "C-Bomb"

Lux – "Coroner's Office"

Margot and The Nuclear So and So's – "Shannon"

Midnight Magic – "Drop Me A Line (Holy Ghost mix)"

Nedry – "Float"

Nedry – "Post Six"

Old Man Luedecke with Lake Of Stew – Sing All About It EP

Said The Whale – "Heavy Ceiling"

Sinden – "High Demand"

Slickshoota – 8-Bit Beauty

Sorry OK Yes – "30%21"

The Hotel Year – "Bird Brain"

The Hudson Branch – "Periodic Table Of Elegance"

The Lovely Few – "Cassiopeia"

The Lovely Few – "Perseus"

The Lovely Few – "This One"

We Are Busy Bodies – "Back To The Ball"

Wolves At Bay – "The Night A Forest Grew"

Young Turks – Halfhearted EP

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