The SWAG Report 096

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Hey there alla you junkies out'ere,

How's it goin' you? Sorry I missed ya las' week junky, I hadd'is t'ing ann'I couldn' get outta it – I'm sure ya understand. I wanted ta make it up ta youse though – so I got my shit tagetha an' I biltcha a nice big bagga SWAG – thirty tracks 'is time – jus' fer you an' yer friends.

Dis week, yer gonna love me junky, an' ferget thit I fergot ta come see ya las' week. An' ya know what's gonna do it? The surefire trick ta start is gonna be dese tunes by Mike O'Neill, Dirty Ghosts, Plastic Traps an' These United States! Each of 'em is a sorta different take on indie rock (O'Neill's gotta little McCartney inn'im too though) b't ther all fickin' awesome! Check 'em out fer yerself junky! Ya got the beginnings o' a fine fuckin' mixtape inn'ere!

Speakin' o' tapes, I nabbed some complete albums an' EPs by The Haunted Continents, Royal Canoe an' Great Lake Swimmers (ol' Fi' dollar Billy's a fan o' theirs) ta dive into an' get hooked on! Yer gonna love it junky, so get onnit!

Kay, I hafta run ag'in junky, but don' go far. Yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder's gonna be back before ya c'n snap yer fingers'is time, I promise! See ya soon!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Alan Wilkis – "Shadow (CHLLNGR mix)"

B.A. Johnston – "Best Day Ever"

Beast Make Bomb – "It Snowed Last Night"

Bidiniband – "Big Men Go Fast on the Water"

Big Baby Gandhi – "Blue Magic (featuring Das Racist)"

Bonfire Nights – "Own Worst Enemy"

Bosco – "Joker"

Christopher Paul Stelling – "Ghost Ship"

Dirty Ghosts – "Ropes That Way"

Fokis – "Justsayin'"

Great Lake Swimmers – The Legion Sessions EP

Hollis Brown – "Ride On The Train"

Hollows – "V Is For Vulture"

House Of Blondes – "Slow Motion Tourist"

Island Twins – "Lying In State"

Jaecyn Bayne – "Crack Music"

Mike O'Neill – "This Is Who I Am"

Mux Mool – "Cash 4 Gold"

Mux Mool – "Palace Chalice"

Mux Mool – "Raw Gore"

Poor Young Things – "Let It Sleep"

Ramona Falls – "Spore"

Royal Canoe –
Extended Play

Slow Country – "Yes You Have"

The Haunted Continents / Owlbiter – Split release

The Just Barelys – "Lions"

The Plastic Traps – "Corridor"

The Spring Standards – "Only Skin"

These United States – "Dead & Gone"

Your 33 Black Angels – "Patient Love"

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