The SWAG Report 041

Thursday, 03 February 2011

Hello there my little audiophiles!

There ya go. Fi' dollar Billy tol' me to be a little more polite, but tha's as much as he's gonna get. So how's yer itch doin' ya ready fer more music 'st fell offa the back of a truck? 'Course you are, an' 'ere's a little more dis week than 'ere was las' week too – anna tunes're gettin' better ta boot. I swung by Fat Wreck Chords' web site an' picked up some new tunes from Cobra Skulls, Screechin' Weasel an' Ol' Man Markley, an' 'en I stole away ta Bright Eyes' spot an' got a new song from whatever album he's makin' now. I guarantee ya 'at'll cure what ails some o' ya, but I liberated a few other things for ya too; I foun' 'is band called Exrays an' 'ey're fuckin' great – take it from yer Uncle Donnie, 'at shit's worth the price of admission right there. Same goes fer the tune by The Holidays 'at I got 'ere. Not enough for ya? I stole ya some ol' school shit from the Digital Underground garage sale too – got his big hit right 'ere. Oh – fer those o' you that jus' can't get enough o' those reissues that the biz has been pushin' out, I swiped some tunes from the Giant Sand reissues! Not many o' you will know who Howe Gelb is, but yer gonna wanna know him after ya check these three songs out.

But don't check those out, sample 'em all! 'Ere's some tasty treats waitin' 'ere jus' fer you, so don' be shy, take 'em all!

Love an' sloppy kisses,
yer ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Atmosphere – "Minnesota Nice"

Banjo Or Freakout – "Go Ahead"

Bird Of Youth – "Bombs Away"

Bright Eyes – "HaIle Selassie"

Cobra Skulls – "Hot Sand"

Digital Underground – "The Humpty Dance"

Dinosaur Bones – "Royalty"

The Exrays – "Hesitation"

The Exrays – "Mary Hollow"

Faust – "Herbststimmung"

Freewood – Talanzias

Giant Sand – "Graveyard"

Giant Sand – "Uneven Light Of Day"

Giant Sand – "Valley Of Rain"

Lyrics Born – "Lies X 3 (Trackademicks mix)"

Malcolm & Martin – "KA$H"

The Meat Puppets – "Nail It Down (Live, 1992)

Old Man Markley – "Guts N' Teeth"

Royal Bangs – "Grass Helmet"

Screeching Weasel – "What We Hate"

The Holidays – "Broken Bones (Javelin mix)"

The Seedy Seeds –
"Verb Noun"

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