The SWAG Report 029

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Hot damn, this is fun!

Y'know, I might come off like I'm abrasive an' I might jus' be a mean motherfucker, but goddamn I'm havin' fun wit' these weekly raids! Grabbin' alla this stuff for you fine junkies has put a new spring in my step – 'at's fer sure – an' people have noticed it when I come their way inna real world. Somebody mentioned it to me not too long ago; I might still be a miserable reprobate, but when they see me comin' now, it's different. Some folks've tol' me that they'll see me strollin' up Avenue B singin' inna key o' Pira-C an' I'm wearin' it well I guess – now when I drop somebody onna pavement, I do it wit' a smile!

An' jus' who wouldn't be smilin'? Lookit this week's shipment o' ill-gotten gains, an' tell me what I might be happy about. I know Fi' dollar Billy'll be happy, I scored a BUNCH o' new punk rekkids for 'im; I dug up a bunch o' Bad Religion covers by some o' this year's best AN' foun' a pretty killer cover o' The Ramones' "I Wanna Be Sedated" done by Lexicon to boot! I also foun' a new tune by dis band called Exit Calm — innat case, jus' listen to it, I guarantee you'll be hooked. Aw, what else? I foun'is guy, calls himself The Haret. Now dis is the kinda stuff Ollie Mikse might get a kick outta – it sounds like it was recorded inna basement wit' no trimmins at all. Just stark songwriting an' itfuckin' shines man, do yerself a favor an' check that shit out, it's fuckin' brilliant an' I grabbed as much of it fo'ya as I could! Who am I kididn' go grab it all! What's stoppin' ya? It's all free ta you innit? So get on it! Especially now because Fi' dollar Billy tells me I was doin' too good a job liftin' shit – he tells me that, after I give him batch thirty nex' week, He's gonna pull down The SWAG Report volumes On through ten to make more space. So, in addition to grabbin' all o' this week's SWAG, treatcherself an' go back in my little archive before it's all gone!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yr ever-lovin' Don Loder

Aaron Pritchett, Emerson Drive and Terri Clark – "Standing Strong And True For Tomorrow"

Al Tuck – "Brother From Another Mother"

Amy Bezunartea – "Restaurants And Bars (All The Things We Were Supposed To Be)"

Bad Religion – "The Devil In Stitches"

Boats – "Haircuts For Everybody"

Cheap Girls – "Kerosene (Bad Religion cover)"

Clothes Make The Man – "Dreamless Nights"

Cobra Skulls – "Give You Nothing (Bad Religion cover)"

Dany Brillant – "On Verra Demain"

Diamond Rings – "Something Else (Rich Costey mix)"

Dinosaur Bones – "Royalty"

Elyn Sof – "Railway Trax"

Exit Calm – "Hearts And Minds"

Frank Turner – "My Poor Friend Me (Bad Religion cover)"

Grandchildren – "Saturn Returns"

Guttermouth – "Pity (Bad Religion cover)"

Lexicon – "Junk Food"

Lexicon – "I Wanna Be Sedated (Ramones cover – sort of)"

Linfinity – "Molly Mar of Rome"

Linfinity – "Road To Nowhere"

Linfinity – "Spanish Harlem"

New Politics – "Generator (Bad Religion cover)"

Owen Pallett – "Lewis Takes Off His Shirt (Dan Deacon mix)"

Polar Bear Club – "Better Off Dead (Bad Religion cover)"

PS I Love You – "Facelove"

Riverboat Gamblers – "Heaven Is Fa (Bad Religion cover)"

Shigeto – 'And We Gonna (remix)"

Shigeto – "Unrelentless Drag (remix)"

Small Sins – "Pot Calls Kettle Black"

Steven McKay – "Emma Comes Home"

Switchfoot – "Sorrow (Bad Religion cover)"

Ted Leo – "Against The Grain (Bad Religion cover)"

Tegan And Sara – "Suffer (Bad Religion cover)"

Suzan – "Paranoid (Kanye West cover)"

The Balconies – "Serious Bedtime"

The Caretakers – "Blue Skies"

The Caretakers – "Daddy Laughed"

The Caretakers – "It's Thinking Time"

The Haret – "27"

The Haret – "Bees"

The Haret – "Drunken Blues"

The Haret – "Hey"

The Haret – "Hogwire"

The Haret – "Jimmy"

The Haret – "Plank Road"

The Haret – "Stagolee"

The Weakerthans – "Sanity (Bad Religion cover)"

U.S. Royalty – "Equestrian"

Veronique Sanson – "La Nuit Se Fait Attendre"

William Elliott Whitmore – "Don't"

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