The SWAG Report 025

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Yeah, yeah, yeah,

I know whatcher sayin'. Yer sayin', “Whaddaya talkin' about Don? We just did the twenty-first birthday gimmick naw-so-long-ago! Now yr singin' happy birthday again at twenty-five? Either time flies or yer workin' on a different calendar from the rest of us, dude.” Yeah, well whaddaya want chump? I do dis column once a week so it's gonna age at an accelerated curve awright? Whaddaya complainin' for anyway? It jus' means ya get more free loot don'cha? An' I threw a pant-load o' stuff in here for ya too!

Bah, so here it is anyway ya little ingrates. This time out, I foun'a whole bunch o' stuff that should give you yer fix. I foun'ja some stuff from alla the five points; there's some Kanye in 'ere, some Keith Urban, some Marcy Playground (can you believe they've still got a career? I need to find out who works their contracts because, their songs are still as good as ever, but they was a one-hit wonder band wasn't they?), two songs from Margot & The Nuclear So And Sos (bad name, great band) an' some Parallels an' a bunch o' other chronic shit. An' the piece-de-resistance? New fuckin' Neil Young baby! 'At's  right, who takes care o' you? 'At's some good, good shit right there – that Canuck's in fine form man, an' his new album's gonna kill, if this song is any indication. So dive in an' grab whatcha want ya little freeloaders, Take it all, an' give nothin' back!

Love an' sloppy kisses,
Yer ever-lovin Don Loder.

Adam Mowery – "Calm Down Miss Cherry Hand"

Anoraak – “Don't Be Afraid”

Arpline – “Ishvara”

Bellevue – “Seen You Around”

Bird By Snow – “Friends In The City”

Black Mountain – “The Hair Song”

Callers – “Heartbeat (Wire cover)”

City Of Satellites – “BMX”

Eternal Summers – “A Salty Salute”

Fops – “Solid Copper Huntress”

Fresh & Onlys – “Waterfalls”

Grandchildren – “Saturn Returns”

Greg Humphreys – “Talk It Out”

Harmony Trowbridge – “West Coast Girls”

Johnny Reid – “You Gave My Heart A Home”

Kanye West – “Lord Lord Lord (featuring Mos Def, Swizz Beats, Raekwon and Charlie Wilson)”

Keith Urban – “Put You In A Song”

Ketch Harbour Wolves – “Body Without Organs”

Local Natives – “Wide Eyes (ArpLine Mix)”

Marcy Playground – “Gin & Money (Ben Crea mix)”

Margot & The Nuclear So-and-sos – “Lunatic, Lunatic, Lunatic”

Margot & The Nuclear So-and-sos – “NY City Hotel Blues”

Mesgana Ethiopia – “Shemum Mune”

Mumdance – “Battle )Wookie cover)”

Neil Young – “Walk With Me”

Parallels – “Pet Sematary (Ramones cover)”

Pigeon John – “Before We're Gone”

Salem – “Asia (oOoOO mix)”

Sandman Viper Control – “Strawberry Quick”

Shit Robot – “I Found Love (Edit)”

Shit Robot – “Tuff Enough (Edit)”

Shuteye Unison – “Our Future Selves”

Sky Larkin – “Barracuda (Heart cover)”

Sonny And The Sunsets – “Lovin' On An Older Gal”

Starfucker – “Julius (Painted Palms mix)”

SubSwara – “Bend You”

The Migrant – “In The Sun”

The Migrant – “The Organ Grinder”

Turbogeist – “Alien Girl”

Twin Sister – “Lady Daydream (ArpLine mix)”

Vincent Minor – “Heavy Metal Lover”

Voluntary Butler Scheme – “Trading Things In”

Winter Gloves – “Plastic Slides”

Wintersleep – “Trace Decay”

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