The SWAG Report 024

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Awright you so-an'-sos,

I ain't gotta lotta time today, so I'll keep this short. "Why haven't you got much time today, Don?" yer askin', but we both know I didn't say it that way. Anyway, I got a bit of a concern brewin' 'cause I know ya wanna know, an' trust me – if it comes together, the ones that win in the end will be you, my loyal fans an' junkies. I can't talk about that right now though, so stop askin'! in the meantime, I found a motherload o' big-name talent to liberate for ya this week, check it out! Didja hear those cocktail-totin', suave motherfuckers in Urge Overkill was gettin' back together? I heard about'at yesterday an' I got a chubby from the news. "Sister Havana" was whatcha might call a life definin' song for me – ya know? Same with the rest o' Saturation and Exit The Dragon. Anyway, when I heard about'at, I went lookin' an' found a brand spankin' new song that they let drop so I picked it up an' am now presentin' it to you – howdaya like'at shit? Likewise, I foun'a track off the new Banner Pilot record that's nothin' to sneeze at either! I also foun'a new song by Lyrics Born, a couple o' classic songs from The Lemonheads an' The Blake Babies to celebrate Evan Dando (he's another suave motherfucker, 'at one) an'  a new one by Rae Spoon (no, not'at kinda spoon junkie!), a song by my buddy Anne Sulikowski and her band Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks (she's takin' off! Just licensed a song to CSI Miami), a brand new mix tape from those sweet boys in Wood Hands an' tons – TONS! – o' bands coverin' classic tunes by David Bowie; I pulled out the best o' those fo'ya too – but not all of 'em. I scraped the rest o' the best gold off the top o' the barrel too an' poured it all inta this twenty-four-hour party SWAG Report – so scroll down an' check it out awready!

Love an' Sloppy Kisses,
yr ever-lovin' Don Loder.

A Place To Bury Strangers – "Suffragette City (David Bowie cover)"

Atlantic/Pacific – "One Of One"

Banner Pilot – "Overwinter"

Betsy Franck – "City Of Gold"

Betsy Franck – "Lowdown"

Black Milk – "Mr. Porter"

Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks – "Oh Didn't She Ramble"

David Vertesi – "All Night, All Night, All Night"

Davila 666 – "Mala"

Fela – "Zombie"

Gospel Claws – "Avenues"

Gospel Claws – "Lakeside"

Kindergarten Circus – "Twin Evils"

Land Of Talk – "Quarry Hymns"

Lewis & Clarke – "Changes (David Bowie Cover)"

Lyrics Born – "Something Better"

Madison – "Number 1"

Mariage Blanc – "Whatever You Say I Am"

Mayer Hawthorne – "No Strings"

Megafaun – "Carolina Days"

Rae Spoon – "Death By Elektro"

Rich Aucoin – "Brian Wilson Is A.L.I.V.E."

Shadow Shadow Shade – "Yes"

Sleeping In The Aviary – "Y.M.C.A. (No Not That One)"

The Blake Babies – "Waiting For Heaven"

The Charlatans – "Love Is Ending"

The Concretes – "Good Evening"

The Hush – "The Other Ones"

The Lemonheads – "My Drug Buddy (Remastered)"

The Mountains & The Trees – "More & More & More"

The Saffron Sect – "Phosphorous Flash"

Tin Star Orphans – "Fighters"

TV Buddhas – "Fun Girls"

UNKLE – "The Runaway"

Urge Overkill – "Effigy"

Warpaint – "Ashes To Ashes (David Bowie Cover)"

The Weekend – "Coma Summer"

Woodhands – "No Feelings (mixtape)"

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