The SWAG Report 021

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Hey folks!

Welcome to yer twenty-first edition o'the SWAG Report! I'm excited in a big, big way, 'cause I don't remember the last time I turned twenty-one. I know it was a couple o' years ago an' I remember goin' out, but things get hazy after that; I know I woke up nex'to a girl named Kat an' my buddy Tommy tol'me that he an'na girl hadda carry me home, but that's about it. She tol' me I was good though, so I guess part o' me could still stand….

Anyway, that's inna past and I got a pretty good present for ya right 'ere; a bag o' SWAG that'll turn yer brown eyes blue. Not only that but, to get things started off right, check it out! I tracked down'at new old Soundgarden song, "Black Rain!" 'At's right! I got that in 'ere, an' some other crazy shit too! So check it out already, an' don't say I never gave you nothin' ya little ingrates!

Love an' sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Seeland – "Local Park"

Soundgarden – "Black Rain"

Betsy Franck – "Lowdown"

Clean Equations – "Buried Translations"

D-Sisive – "Ray Charles (featuring King Reign)"

David Celia – "SCverine"

DFA – "I Found Love (single edit)"

Dominant Legs – "About My Girls"

Francis and The Lights – "Knees To The Floor"

Freestyle Fellowship – "On This Earth"

Gayngs – "Faded High"

Goldfrapp – "Believer (Little Loud Mix)"

Heavy Young Heathens – Make Room For The Youth EP

Kids For Tomorrow – "Chun Quiot"

Light Pollution – "Magic Kingdoms Kick My Teeth In"

Light Pollution – "Witchcraft"

Lissie – "In Sleep (Live)"

Minotaurs – "Pink Floyd"

New Collisions – "Over"

Screaming Females – "I Don't Mind It"

Selene Viril-Wilk – "Talent House"

Sister – "Feather On The Ocean Floor"

Starfucker – "Boy Toy (remix)"

The Black – "Love Don't Need A Lesson"

The Concretes – "Good Evening"

The Green Hour Band – "You May Descend"

The Moaners – "Humid Air"

Winchester Warm – "Open The Windows"

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