The SWAG Report 012

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Alright there you little so-an'-so-s,

So here we go again an' man – I tell ya – I'm not scrimpin' on the portions this week. See, what you wanton wrongdoers and thieves don't know is that, innis game, ya hafta be quick on yer fingers. sometimes you'll find somethin' only for a minute and then, after you've got a taste and you're hooked it'll get taken away from you just so the taker c'n watch ya squirm. The music business has learned that lately, an'ey'll put a song out there for, like an hour to tease and then take it away. They call it "interest generating." Thing is, they don't know that I've been working junkies for a LONG time and I know that game too – they think they invented it, the silly bastards! But not me, I know when to grab when the grabbin's good an' as you can see, I pulled out some big guns to fleece some o' the biggest guns inna business 'ere. I got here is some primo, primo SWAG; some o' the finest in the business, and I'm keepin' it right here for you. The biz thinks it's clever? They don't know nothin' – I'm a lifetime swindler. So check out what I got here; I got some Stone Sour (they didn't dangle 'at long), some Eels, some stuff from that crazy bitch Yoko Ono, some Against Me!, I got somethin' 'ere from that big tough bastid Drake, some Mogwai… I even got some o' the new music from that old junkie Richard Thompson! He oughtta have known better than to give a taste! He's got experience with addiction don't he? What did he do? Get drunk on the high livin' and forget? It doesn't matter, his loss is your gain right? That's right! So take a look an' then take all ya want!

Hey ho, let's go,
Don Loder.

Against Me! – "I Was A Teenage Anarchist"

Alain Johannes – "Endless Eyes"

Bodega Girls – "We Are Losers"

Charles The Osprey – "Scimitar Children and their Rugs"

Delphic – "Doubt"

Devices Disguised – "Gravity Taste Test"

Drake – "9AM Freestyle"

Eels – "Looking Up"

Everything Everything – "Schoolin'"

Ghost Robot Ninja Bear – "Staring At The Clocks" 7''

HEALTH – "Die Slow (Tobacco Mix)"

Here We Go Magic – "Casual"

Invisible Elephant – "Communication Part II"

Kim Beggs – "Maiden Heart"

Mobile Wash Unit – "Second Glance"

Mogwai – "New Paths To Helicon pt. 1"

Nada Surf – "Electrocution"

No Surrender – "Godda Get It"

Richard Thompson – "Sun Falling In The River"

Stone Sour – "Mission Statement"

Tera Melos – "Frozen Zoo"

The Shimmies – "Judas"

The Vaselines – "I Hate The 80's"

Viernes – "Honest Parade"

Viernes – "Swimmer's Ear (Golden Ages Mix)"

Vincent Minor – "Late Night Show"

Weep – "Let Me"

What Laura Says – "Training"

Yoko Ono – "Give Me Something More (I Gave You My Heart Dub Mix)"

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