The SWAG Report 011

Wednesday, 09 June 2010

Oh, you lucky little parasites,

So last time I saw you, I walked up with a great big bag o' SWAG for you to raid to make a soundtrack for your summer right? Wow – did I ever just the gun on 'at. See, I didn't even think about the fact that this is summertime – and you know what that means? That means the damned dam burst wide open and everybody with a pulse in the music business rushes to get a record out. EVERYBODY wants to have the big hit of the summer. EVERYBODY wants to have their song remembered as the one that was on in the background when the most people were losing their virginity. EVERYBODY wants to have the number one song that people got down to, got hot, got sweaty and danced till they fell down to at a patio club. So how do they make that happen? EVERYBODY'S puttin' out  – something for the summer that is. Even if they don't care about all that other stuff, they want to have somethin' new out so they can rock the pants off everybody at a sticky festival or at a sweaty club. Sounds a little orgiastic doesn't it? Well it is – and it's a feeding frenzy too which means I've got tonnes of meaty morsels that I found for you to swipe. Who takes care o' you? Don Loder does. Like I'm a-gonna say ta dat girl (or a succession o' them) this summer, "Who's yer daddy?" I am. and don'chu forget it. I got the good for you here – the new single by Alice In Chains, a bit o' Carabou, some Hot – HOT! – Heat baby, some Melvins, some New Pornographers (check this shit out, this record's actually worth buying!), some Black Mountain, Wintersleep and National Rifle. National Rifle? I came loaded for bear baby! So whaddaya waitin' for? Get at it! Take it all! Live it, love it, and take it, baby – take it and say thank you when yer done.

Have fun kiddies,
Yer ever lovin' Don Loder

Alice In Chains – "Lesson Learned"

Bot 'Ox – "Overdrive" (Morgan Geist Mix)

Caribou – "Sun Altrices" (Only What You Gave Me mix)

Elephant Stone – "Strangers"

Francis And The Lights – "For Days"

Glory Glory Man United – "Pop Song Automation"

Hot Hot Heat – "Goddess On The Prairie"

Jenny Omnichord – "Thinking Of You"

Meligrove Band – "Halflight"

Nacho Lovers – "Lovers Deeper" (CFCF mix)

Raining And OK – Always Will Be EP

Royal Canoe – "Me Loving Your Money"

Sandman Viper Command – "Strawberry Quick"

Sebastian Blanck – "Thunder" (featuring Caroline Polachek)

Sherman Downey – "Keep Your Head Up"

Tame Impala – "Solitude Is Bliss" (Mickey Moonlight Mix)

The Coral – "Butterfly House"

The Drums – "Forever And Ever, Amen" (Saint Etienne Mix)

The Melvins – "Evil New War God"

The New Pornographers – "Your Hands Together"

The Roots – "Dear God 2.0" (featuring Jim James and Monsters Of Folk)

The Sadies – "Another Year Again"

The Whigs – "Dying"

The Whitsundays – "Silent In The Wind"

Victoria Banks – "City Of Dreams"

Wintersleep – "New Inheritors"

Black Mountain – "Old Fangs"

Crystal Castles – "Celestica" (Thurston Moore mix)

La Strada – "Wash On By"

Meligrove Band – "Halflight"

The National Rifle – "She's A Waste"

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