The SWAG Report 009

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Hey there you little scavengers o' human decency,

So what's goin' on? Whaddaya need this week? I'm feeling a little charitable to you because it's comin' up on summer. You know summer? Not that girl up the street that cuts her bags of China white with baking soda – not that Summer (she owes me money, that bitch) – I mean the season when school lets out and turns all o' you troublemakers loose on the world. It's a fun time – ain't it?

Recently, it has come to my attention that times have changed since I was a kid. Time was, we'd get turned loose on the world for three months to cause trouble; y'know we'd start fires (well, not so much after my buddy Chuck set a gas pump on fire, but you get the idea), find every girl we could and put the moves on 'er (sometimes it'd work too, but that's how you learn that women are crazy right?), tag the Main Street Bridge, get drunk, get high and have a good time. It was great! Now? Not so much; another buddy of mine (his name's Raymond – you know Ray over on Avenue B?) was telling me that, now, parents pack all their troubles up and send 'em off to summer camp. When he told me that, I figured he must mean they send their kids off to summer camp an' 'at made me feel sorry for those kids. Whaddaya do at summer camp anyway? Make lanyards and macaroni sculptures and shit? That ain't no way to live – it's cruel and unusual punishment I say – but, if you are being shipped off, I figure the least yer Uncle Don can do is send you out with some good shit to listen to, so 'dat's what I've done for you.

The flow of good shit comin' outta da music business is pickin' up a bit now, because everybody wants a hit for summer. There are some good ones here; in keepin' wit' the season, I got some Hot Hot Heat for you, some Mogwai, a couple o' full album downloads, some Tokyo Police Club, Some Thieves Like Us (I can relate to that band), some hard-to-find Hollerado and, in the name o' da season, some True Womanhood and some Total Abuse too! I think the real crown jewel o' da set is the new Gaslight Anthem track that I liberated from SideOneDummy, but you can be da judge on 'at.

So I think I got some good stuff for you to slap on yer iPod before you get shipped off, whaddaya think? Oh — before I forget, make sure ya stay tuned for the next installment o' 'dis SWAG Report, because I'm plannin' something… shall we say… 'special' for number ten. It's gonna be good I promise, so keep yer eyes peeled for it!

Love & sloppy kisses,
Yer Uncle Don Loder.

Big K.R.I.T. – "Moon Stars (featuring Devin The Dude)"

Big K.R.I.T. – "Country Shit"

Brian Dunn – "Listening To Myself Die"

diskJokke – "1987"

Donnis – "Yup (produced by Needlz)"

A sampling of wares from the roster of Downtown Records.

Gold Panda – "You (Seams remix)"

Hot Hot Heat – "Zero Results"

Invisible Elephant – "Communication Part II)"

Jeremy Jay – "It Happened Before Our Time"

Ketch Harbour Wolves – Anachronisms (full album download!)

Mock Toof – "Farewell To Wendo"

Mogwai – "New Paths To Helicon (Pt. 1)"

Seedy Seeds self-titled album (full download)

Shunda K – "Here I Am To Save The World"

Sidechild – "You Are The One"

The Gaslight Anthem – "American Slang"

The Happy Hollows – B-sides EP (full album download!)

The Like – "He's Not A Boy"

Seedy Seeds – "Roll Deep" single and B-Sides

Yeasayer – "O.N.E. (Them Jeans remix)"

Thieves Like Us – "Shyness"

This Will Destroy You – "Communal Blood"

Tokyo Police Club – "Wait Up (Boots Of Danger)" – Passion Pit Mix

Total Abuse – "Buried"

True Womanhood – "The Monk"

Hollerado – "GET LOOSE"

Hollerado – "My Friend Sally"

Sabbath Assembly – "We Give Our Lives"

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