The SWAG Report 004

Monday, 05 April 2010

Another surprise visit from Don Loder. This instalment of your regularly-issued SWAG Report is a bit different – not all of the songs I'm totin' are brand spankin' new. “Why Don?” You're askin', “Why are you unloading a couple of older tunes on us? We might have 'em already. Are you losing your touch at lifting stuff?” Nah, you watch your mouths, you little rodents! Perish the thought! That's never a problem but something interesting is comin' up: In the next couple of weeks, one of my new favorite bands is puttin' out a new record and I wanted to tell you about it. The Flatliners have a new record coming out on April 13th and it's a motherfuckin' masterpiece! After he reviewed it, Bill Adams played it for me and it kicked my teeth in (wouldn't let me swipe it though, his fingers were pretty tight on it; the so-and-so) – if you haven't heard them yet, I guarantee you will, soon. So I thought to myself, “It would only be considered a public service if I grabbed some of the tighter songs from the last couple of albums to get people turned on to this band.” As I was lifting stuff from other bands like Evelyn Evelyn (you've gotta see that band! They're Siamese twins!), Band Of Horses and Goldfrapp, I made a special note of grabbing as many Flatliners songs as I could lay my long, greasy fingers on. And now I'm givin' 'em to you. Say, “Thank you Don! What would we ever do without you?” Well, I don't know what you'd do – live your life in silence or penniless because you wouldn't have me doing all the heavy lifting I guess. So check 'em out already! Do it for me – yer ever-lovin' Don Loder – but, more importantly, do it for yourself!

Alcoholic Faith Mission – "My Eyes To See"

Band Of Horses – "Compliments"

Blasfemea – "Maria"

Cast Spells – "Glamorous Glowing"

Cast Spells – "Pioneer Scalps"

Cast Spells – "Potted Plant"

Delhi To Dublin – "SOS"

Evelyn Evelyn – "My Space"

Goldfrapp – "Rocket"

Greg MacPherson – "Outside Edge"

Hexes and Ohs – "hhhighschool"

Hexes and Ohs – "Little Bird"

Hexes and Ohs – "Wildfire"

Horse Feathers – "Belly Of June"

Kayo-Dot – "Whisper Ineffable"

Keepaway – "Yellow Wings"

Kings Go Forth – "One Day"

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald – ""Movie Life"

Michou – "Growing Younger"

Nickelback – "This Afternoon (radio edit)"

Nickelback – "This Afternoon (edit)"

Sally Shapiro – "My Guilty Pleasures Megamix"

Sebastian Blanck- "Thunder (featuring Caroline Polachek)"

Shunda K – "Tired Of Bullshit"

Solex with Cristina Martinez and Jon Spencer – "Galaxy Man"

Solvent – "Loss For Words"

The Flatliners – "Carry The Banner"

The Flatliners – "Eulogy"

The Flatliners – "July, August, Reno"

The Inevitable Backlash – "Gives You Hell"

The New Loud – "Heaven (Mad Professor remix)"

The New Loud – "Heaven"

True Womanhood – "The Monk"

We Were Skeletons – "Raft Easily"

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