The SWAG Report 003

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Alright so I know what you're thinkin'. You're asking, "Whaddaya doin' Don? Ya came early! You're not due to deliver another bag o' SWAG for a couple of days yet! Yer messin' up my rhythm." Yeah well, look at it this way – Christmas came early alright? I amassed a big lot of stuff for you to steal, so whaddaya doin' lookin' a gift horse in the mouth?

And what a fine bag o' Swag it is. Here, you're going to find freebies from Butch Walker, Nick Curran, Old Man Luedecke, The Shondes and (if you don't pick this one up, you should have your head examined) new Gaslight Anthem! I even lifted a whole album for you, and it's a great one! And it's all free! Do yourself a favor and check this stuff out ya mooks.

Make The Girl Dance – "Baby Baby Baby" (radio edit)

Bermuda Mohawk
– "Billboards

Borrowed Eyes
– "Slaves"

Borrowed Eyes
– "Some Demons You Can Share With Others"

Butch Walker
– "You Belong With Me"

Dazzle Ships
– "Least Resistance"

– "Strong Hips"

Various ArtistsFuture Magic Volume One (the whole album! Available for free download! Right Here! Scream like a giddy school girl!)

Ghost Robot Ninja Bear
– "One Pedal To Another"

Ghost Robot Ninja Bear
– "Blood The Tango"

– "By Morning"

Legacy Of Rudy
– "No Manger"

Legacy Of Rudy
– "R.S.V.P."

– "For Your Love"

Nick Curran
– "Sheena's Back"

Old Man Luedecke
– "Lass Vicious"

Rene Lopez
– "Wednesday"

Soft Copy
– "Hot Cakes"

– "But It's So"

Sweet Thing
– "Dance Mother"

Besnard Lakes
– "Albatross"

The Gaslight Anthem
– "American Slang"

The Lava And Ash
– "Cicada BuZZzz"

The Rural Alberta Advantage
– "Don't Haunt This Place"

The Frontier Brothers
– "You Should Start A Band"

The Shondes
– "Make It Beautiful"

– "Black Camera"

The Chevelles
– "Zaragoza"

Emanuel And The Fear
– "Dear Friend"

The Gary
– "Eyes In The Tap Room"

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