The Strange Days of Eagles of Death Metal Get Exciting

Monday, 07 June 2010

The last twenty months have been a hectic time for the Eagles of Death Metal. Since the release of Heart On [the band's third album, second released on Downtown Records –ed] on October 21, 2008, the band has shattered all previous expectations of them by establishing themselves as an internationally celebrated touring act, broken into the Top 100 in no less than four major international markets and been featured in major advertising campaigns as well as appeared on several film and television soundtracks. In less than two years' time, the group has gone from being called 'Josh Homme's other band' to being called a 'hot ticket draw' in its' own right. All of the pieces have simply fallen into place and no one is more gratified to see it happen than singer Jesse Hughes. In conversation, Hughes will be the first to admit that no one is more surprised at how well the fortunes of Eagles of Death Metal have come together but, rather than rest on laurels, he has become inspired. “Man, I can't tell you how crazy things have been since we released Heart On,” exclaims Hughes, obviously excited at how events have taken shape. “I don't think we could possibly have asked for a better response to Heart On, and things have really started to look better than I could have ever imagined! Right now I'm working on my first solo album with Money Mark and it's coming together really well; it's such a trip because I've been wanting to do this for as long as I've been in the Eagles.

“The original plan was for Josh and I to do the first Eagles album and then I'd be free to do whatever I wanted to do, but it didn't materialize that way,” says the singer. “Now, Eagles Of Death Metal is its own entity though; it's not Josh's side project anymore. It has taken longer to get to this point, but now that is it, it has really been working. About three months ago, I got really inspired and just started writing. I came up with this new “Boots Electric” solo record and it's turning out to be a whole different thing now that I'm in, recording it; to put it in context, EoDM is classic rock radio being [Quentin] Tarantino-ized and this new project is “Low Rider” doo wop via Gary Numan. This record's turning into the best thing I've ever done in my life; it's straight for girls, it's basic crooning – the kind of stuff that nobody's doing right now – so that makes it a little scary. We're three weeks into the sessions right now and five songs deep, and we're hoping to have it all done in the next four weeks.

“We're three weeks in as I say, and it's been an interesting motivator for Josh [Queens Of The Stone Age frontman and Eagles Of Death Metal cohort Josh Homme –ed] too,” continues Hughes. “You never realize how jealous friends can get, but now he's saying that he wants to do another Eagles Of Death Metal record. He says he wants to do it, like, right now – but I told him that I wanted to get my record done first. As soon as that's done, we're going to start work immediately on a new Eagles Of Death Metal record so I'll be canning two records this year!”

There's no chance that the excitement Hughes is feeling right now won't carry over into Eagles of Death Metal's set when the band hits the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto to help open the festivities at North By Northeast, the singer's sentiments are just too potent and infectious. If there is any doubt in anyone's mind though, Hughes removes it when he hints at what he and his band has in store for audiences. “I'm really looking forward to this show because I've been writing so much and we don't get to come to this part of the world as much as I'd like,” says the singer with more than a faint glimmer in his voice. “We are putting out a formal invitation to all the ladies for this show. I mean, we always do, but this time we're going to have a best dressed contest. I'm not gonna lie, I will always pander to my audience a little, however you cannot deny the sexual fervor and ferocity of the women in Toronto – it's incredible how many sexy women there are there!. You cannot deny that the women there are fuckin' hot! I think there has to be a reason why The Rolling Stones still start their tours in Toronto, and I think that's why! I want to see that and I definitely want to play to it!”


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Heart On is out now on Downtown Records and available here on Amazon, but stay tuned to Ground Control for updates on new forthcoming releases!

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