The Sea and Cake Announce Release Date for New Album ‘Car Alarm’

Monday, 30 June 2008

Over the last fifteen years, Chicago’s The Sea and Cake have cemented themselves as one of the most innovative, talented and ambitious groups ever to grace our eardrums. With their unique style of pop and arrangement, stemming all the way back to Nassau and The Biz, they’ve always been slightly to the left or right of where everyone else was sitting, molding style, form and intellect into albums that don’t ever get old.

Despite their incredibly overoccupied schedules—Sam Prekop and Archer Prewitt’s artwork and solo projects, John McEntire’s production at his SOMA Studio and work with Tortoise, Eric Claridge’s alternate identity as a painter—they’ve found the time to get in the studio to record their seventh album, Car Alarm (Thrill Jockey).

Sam Prekop says the band wanted to make a record that felt like they had never stopped playing, a continuously limbered up ensemble that parlayed its last tour into new material. They started working on it right after an Australian tour in March, and finished it after a miraculous three-month gestation.

There is no doubt that The Sea and Cake will lead the listener down a completely unique and unpredictable path, where they will take you to places never seen or experienced before, and even though there’s a few months before the album hits shelves (or servers) any fan will know it’ll be well worth the wait.

Car Alarm will be released October 21st on Thrill Jockey.

01. Aerial
02. A Fuller Moon
03. On a Letter
04. CMS Sequence
05. Car Alarm
06. Weekend
07. New Schools
08. Window Sills
09. Down in the City
10. Pages
11. The Staircase
12. Mirrors



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