The Johnstones Get Drunk, Make Music Video

Monday, 03 January 2011

Who says getting drunk is tantamount to acting irresponsibly? The Johnstones posted the video for their newest single, "Let's Get Fucked Up" both on their web site and on youtube as of midnight this morning. According to the brief description submitted by singer Ryan Long, "The Johnstones found a way to waste thousands of dollars when making the music video for their new single. From the Camera Crew to the Extra's everybody involved was smashed." Needless to say, the band is in its' finest form as, in keeping with the song's title, the band gets trashed on forties of beer (if it's Old English, they'll be my heroes) and trash an office building. The band has also made the song available for free download on their website, so follow the links below to check out all the loaded, download-y goodness!



"Let's Get Fucked Up" [Official Viral Video]


"Let's Get Fucked Up" by The Johnstones


The Johnstones' newest album, Can't Be Trusted, is out now. Buy it here on Amazon .

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