The Hold Steady release Live EP

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Here's another reason to support your local indie shops: The Hold Steady, those guys who legally can't be mentioned without being called "the greatest bar band in the world," have decided to do everyone a freaking favor and release a limited-edition EP, cleverly titled Live at Fingerprints. How cleverly titled? Well not only is it actually a live recording, but it was actually recorded at Fingerprints!!

And not only was it recorded at an indie record store [specifically, an in-store performance from last October], but the EP will only see the light of day at other independent stores. To see if your local store will be carrying it—the band’s first release since their critically hailed Boys and Girls in America—check the state-by-state listing at


ed. note- not only are writers required to use the phrase "greatest bar band in the world" when discussing The Hold Steady, but they must be three shots of Jack deep when doing it. So please, read responsibly.


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