The Headstones Announce New Full-Length Album

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Hope began to flicker like a candle last year when The Headstones not only announced a new string of tour dates scattered across Canada, but also recorded “Binthiswayforyears” – the first new song to appear from the band in nine years – and gave it away for free via their website.

Was it true? Could it really be that The Headstones were set to try again after so much time away? It certainly seemed so and, after the whirlwind of interest that the band stirred up with that new song and new shows at the end of 2011 proved to not die down, singer Hugh Dillon, guitarist Trent Carr, bassist Tim While and drummer Dale Harrison must have been inspired, and they announced that the game would indeed be on on October 19, 2012 when this announcement filtered into assorted email inboxes:

Hello everybody!

You have waited a long time for this. We are done making you wait.

The Headstones are making a new record. No bullshit. We're cutting out the middleman, and giving you back the band. With your contribution, you will officially kickstart the machine. This will be the most authentic rock and roll experience in terms of recording and releasing a record. Ever.

We have teamed up with Pledge Music to get you involved. Check out our project page today, and get exactly what you want. Get connected, and we will bring you into our world – exclusive updates, videos, streaming of new songs, photos of us in the studio – you will be experiencing this right along with us.

This is your fault, so thank you. This is going to rock!


hugh, tim, trent, dale

Of course, fans went batshit crazy in their excitement at the prospect of a new Headstones full-length album. Within twenty-four hours (read: the amount of time between when the announcement landed in email inboxes and this writing), The Headstones had already acheived ninety-three percent of their goal start-up amount on the strength of just three hundred and seventy-six pledges. The drive is on and there's no question that everything is going to come together, because the fans have already spoken; there's going to be a new Headstones album on its way!


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The Kickstarter pledge drive campaign for a new Headstones full-length album is on. To see the current status of the project or make a pledge, click here .

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