The Fratellis w/ The Pipettes

Friday, 30 March 2007

Fresh off a week’s worth of showcases in Austin for the annual South by Southwest music conference, The Fratellis showed up at the Troubadour locked, loaded and ready for action. Having caught half of one of their electric sets and a full acoustic set in Austin I already had a good idea what was on the agenda for the evening, and that would be a tight set of the ol’ rock ‘n’ roll.

They would not disappoint. They tore into “Henrietta” to open and barely let up for much less a breath during their 14-song set. The guys mean business on stage and deliver the goods and then some. I’ve come to expect little additions to the songs by way of a little riffing and then taking some running room when they get at it. Their sound references many familiar touchstones in and outside of their genre, yet they’re able to remain distinctly unique with what they’re doing. The one disappointment that I have is not with the band, but the audience’s seeming lack of interest to sing along with the likes of “Chelsea Dagger” or “Whistle for the Choir.” The former screams to be sung along to, whether in a bar room or a stadium, and the latter is such a sweet little number I can’t help but be moved. Ah, well, in due time everyone will be singing these songs.

For the encore they came back with “For the Girl,” “Cuntry Boys & City Girls” and one listed as “Ooh La La.” If they seemed a bit quiet between songs they more than made up for it in the delivery of the music. They’ll be on tour with BRMC in May with a stop at Coachella to get it started.

Also on the bill, The Pipettes brought smiles to all with their 60s style Motown revival.

The Fratellis’ Costello Music is out now

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