The Fratellis – [DVD]

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

See, it's sort of cool to see one of the new bands from the UK shuck the loosey-goosey dynamics that virtually every band since The Happy Mondays have used as a cover for not being being able to play very well and just play short, tight pop songs. The Fratellis’ set from Brixton Academy showcases the band’s ability to do just that and not bother to pat themselves on the back along the way. Over the 17-song set, the band delivers all the songs that anyone would want to hear from them ("Henrietta," "Flathead," "Creepin’ Up The Back Stairs" and "Chelsea Dagger," notably) and just play them straight rather than injecting them with some fashionable ennui or messing with the arrangements.

What you get on Edgy in Brixton is exactly what you’d want from a band this early into their career: playing their early hits hard, fast and straight and throwing a little "can you believe we get to do this for a living?" goofiness ("Ooh La Hot Love") toward the end, as well as all the videos along with a new song in the extras. It’s simple, straightforward, no-nonsense and fun to watch because of it. Who knows? Maybe The Fratellis will start a trend and such enjoyable sense will stop being such a rarity.

Edgy in Brixton is out now.

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