The Dirt Crew – [Album]

Wednesday, 01 October 2008

Hallucinogenic frogs, stray cats, porn stars and Sarah Palin all have something in common: they’re dirty. They are dirty in a unique way, but they won’t get anywhere with it. They’re unorganized. The dirty people of this world need a union and good theme music that’s super sexy. Dirty people of the world, I bring you the Dirt Crew, your one and only savior in the organization of your kind.

James Flavour and Break 3000 lead the way for the dirty people in the world, showing us to never underestimate those who bask in the mud. On their latest release, Dirt Crew Presents: Collection 02 DJ Mix, we are introduced and fully shown how James and Break 3000 can change the way we listen to music. Without a doubt these two gentlemen are unwashed by the music that surrounds them, as they have been putting out music since their first album, Cleaning up the Ghetto Part I, on the MBF record label. After refining their abilities to beyond perfection the Dirt Crew branched out to build their own record label under the name Dirt Crew Recordings.  

Now when you brave your clean, spotless soul into the depths of the muddy Dirt Crew Presents: Collection 02 DJ Mix your clean mind is expecting something hard, loud, maybe even rock-ish. If you feel this then my dear friend, you don’t know the Dirt Crew or the varying levels of dirty. From the beginning of this album, we’re talking the first few seconds it transfuses the tension you have built for what you’re expecting with complete relaxation. If one were to think about it, it takes a relaxed, unworried individual to bare the name Dirty with grace. Think Elizabeth Hurley’s teeth after eating a raw clove of broccoli, or Tyler Durden in Fight Club after bleeding all over Lou—utterly sexy and completely dirty.

This album, track after track, delivers this unique sexy vibe that keeps you in a tranquil state flawlessly. The various artists are blended together to place this same vibe throughout the album. Don’t call the album repetitive, every track pulls out a unique musical blend to cure any cravings you may have. The album brings brand new tracks from Break 3000 and James that are completely noticeable and may cause serious side effect, such as hitting the dance floor, or breaking the passenger side window of your car due to head movement.

The seamless transitions between tracks don’t disturb the mental clarity you have while you groove to the tracks. The Break 3000 track “Bleed Like Me (Daso Remix)” is unbelievable in its delivery. The track carries heavy base and unique snare sounds that bring out the color visualizations when you close your eyes and have the ups and downs that a true trance/house person craves. The album finishes just over an hour leaving us with our one and only option, playing it again.

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