The Crystal Method at the ‘Drive the Change’ Event

Thursday, 04 September 2008

We all know one or maybe two ourselves. They take on the characteristic of being awesome, well versed in music, kind, great to hang out with and mostly a DJ. The Crystal Method is a duo that is unmatched in my personal history of music and being up to par in person. Now, on top of being these said characteristics—father and a Volvo driver—these gentlemen are going green.

Whenever I go out to a show I, like a serial killer, like to research whomever I’m seeing. Even if I can play an entire song in my head without help (“Busy Child”) I want to know more about them. But like the best adversary, there is no information on these guys. It’s been eleven years since we’ve been introduced to their first studio album, Vegas, and the most I really learned is that both Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland are from Vegas.

The show was not the only good thing about the night. Those of us who are green individuals will appreciate that these gentlemen chose to spin for a release event for the Blade, a device that attaches to the exhaust tip of a vehicle to filter the emissions to decrease one’s carbon footprint. Being that I’m also a car enthusiast, I won’t get into how the product works, but that it actually will help with gas mileage and will most definitely help filter your exhaust. Both Ken and Scott use the Blade on their cars. Scott believed that the Blade made his vehicle look like the Bat-mobile. No, there are no records of Batman ever driving a Volvo, which is the car Scott drives.

When I arrived at the event I was given the news that I had the opportunity to interview The Crystal Method. My first thought was simply, “What do you ask the men you listened to in Junior High?”

The interview of course went terribly, but I came out (rushed out really) for once doubting the phrase, “you never meet your heroes.” Both Ken and Scott were too nice to be such international stars. They talked about everything from converting their home to be completely green to Scott having a second child. We all did agree upon the Smart car being awesome, but not a vehicle we would buy. Before they both went on, they told me about their Los Angeles Earth Day party they were throwing, through Earthdance, to be held at a private location. After the interview both Ken and Scott went on stage to spin music and entertain brilliantly. Scott helped get the crowd buzzed about the Blade before really getting into the music. Now we truly know The Crystal Method as our friendly neighborhood DJ.

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