Teddybears w/Honeycut – [Live]

Monday, 21 May 2007

It seems like more times than not in my life it’s by the seat of my pants that I fly. This night would be no exception, and as a result I’d like to thank everyone involved at the onset. You know who you are, all five or so of you. Thank you.

When the Coachella 2007 lineup was announced this year, as chock full of talent as it was, I was quick to put Teddybears up near the top of the list of bands I would like to see. Their latest (and only proper domestic) release Soft Machine is top to bottom one hit after another. They may not all have the familiarity of “Punkrocker,” but this record runs deep. So with the prospect of seeing them live, I began asking myself, just what are they going to be doing for the live set? Are they going to wear the bear heads? Would Iggy join them for the vocal on “Punckrocker?” Will I even get to go to Coachella at all? All would be answered in due time. As it turned out, Coachella wasn’t happening for me this year. A bit of consolation came with the announcement of the El Rey show just days after their festival appearance. Hope was not lost. Though I still needed to tend to the details for the El Rey show. Time to get to work. I really dig this record! I need to see this band!

So there I was, night of the show, sitting in my favorite bistro snacking a panini sandwich with only about an hour or two before show time gripping my blackberry with only good thoughts in my head. With another bite off of one of those little pickles it came: I was in! Awesome! Having only several blocks between me and the venue, I was able to finish my sandwich, grab a coffee, take my time to get there and still have time to spare. Things were looking up, and it would only get better. Once I made it to the theater, I was introduced to the bands’ tour manager who granted me stage access to photograph during the show. Amazing! This probably would have never happened at Coachella. But that’s just how it goes sometimes, that’s just how it goes.

About the time openers Honeycut were winding down their soulful set with a cover of the Honeydrippers’ classic “Impeach The President,” the house was nearing capacity. This was getting exciting. Most in the audience looked ready to dance. Everyone already having a great time, and the curtain hadn’t even opened yet. This would prove to true all the way through. Teddybears took the stage (bear heads and all) with drummers Aaron Stern and Mike Williams and proceeded to rock the house with their electro mash of musical goodness for just about an hour’s time. Guest vocalist Rigo Araneda and Red Fox would join in on such numbers as “Cobrastyle,” “Little Stereo,” and “Ahead Of My Time” with Amiee Echo (of the band The Start) taking vocals on “Yours To Keep” (album version sung by Neneh Cherry) and the set closer “Punkrocker” (which complimented the song perfectly).

Indeed, Teddybears do rock and rock they did at the El Rey on this night. With some audience handshakes at the front of the stage, Teddybears bid their farewells and departed the scene presumably en route to the big rock ‘n’ roll after party as Teddybears do. This being the close of the tour would provide even more reason to go large. Thanks again Teddybears, I’ll be looking forward to the next time.

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