tom scharpling

I Wanna Be Literated #245

Madame Bovaryby Gustave Flaubert The bad thing about reading almost exclusively non-fiction is that, obviously, I purposely miss out on the great fiction out there. And the bad thing about missing out on fiction is that I miss out on some of the great classics. But, luckily I listen to the Best Show, and while discussing Tom Scharpling’s new book It Never Ends, the topic somehow switched to Gustave Flaubert. Intrigued, I checked it out, and I was pleasantly surprised...

Sunday, 26 December 2021
I Wanna Be Literated #241

It Never Ends: A Memoir with Nice Memories!by Tom Scharpling I don’t think I’ve ever waited so long in anticipation for a book. Being a Best Show listener for years now (which would still make me a junior, by most standards), I’ve been looking forward to this book since host Tom Scharpling first mentioned it in 2019. I can’t believe it’s been so long, but here it is, It Never Ends is among us. Listeners of the Best Show know...

Friday, 25 June 2021