Claudia Hoyser – [Album]

Claudia Hoyser Red Lights Turning Green (GFI Music) Every now and then, an artist takes you by surprise. Who would expect the Aging Punk to love a Country singer? And not an alt-country artist, either; a pure, down-home Country artist. I am now officially a Claudia Hoyser fan. A local record store (Record Archive — if you’re ever in Rochester, NY) provides pizza and beer and free music every Wednesday. I often stop in to see what they have. Hoyser...

Sunday, 12 March 2023
Brian Lindsay Brings It All Back Home With Revival

I am a huge fan of the local music scene. Not any particular local scene, but local scenes as a concept; the local scene that can be found in whichever city you call home, for example, reader. If you look, I guarantee you can find talented and interesting musicians all around you. I consistently discover great guitarists, vocalists, performers, all across the musical spectrum in Rochester, NY. As great a wealth of instrumental talent that I find in my local...

Sunday, 01 January 2023