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Vinyl Vlog 409

David Cross Oh, Come On David Cross is my main man. He’s my jam. He’s my main squeeze. Not only is he responsible for getting me into comedy albums way back in the day, but his material has kept resonating with me after all these years. I discovered his comedy in a dark period in my life (yes, that sad old story), and it immediately spoke to me. Soon afterwards I was listening to his albums and specials over and...

Saturday, 18 January 2020
Interview: David Cross

David Cross has been a busy person. It’s not enough that he helped birth “Alternative Comedy” to the world in the 90s, but he’s gone from indie darling to now starring in Oscar-winning movies. Still sticking to his comedy roots, he’s back on tour with a fresh hour of stand-up material and you can probably catch him at a date near you on his Oh Come On tour. Bring the kids. We caught up with David Cross on his Boston...

Wednesday, 20 June 2018