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SPOTLIGHT: Untame the Tiger

WHO: Mary Timony WHAT: Untame the Tiger WHY: Timony might be considered a guitar goddess, but if that’s the case, she doesn’t let it on. Maybe it’s safer to say she’s a guitarist’s guitarist. That being said, anyone listening to her music can expect the guitar to be the highlight. Her newest solo record is the first one in over a decade and was written during tumultuous times: a breakup, and the loss of both her parents. But out of...

Wednesday, 13 March 2024
Mary Timony live @ Crystal Ballroom, Somerville, MA [03-02-24]

The last thing you think about after you have a near-death experience is when the next good show is coming to town. But, I love music. It’s funny, because I got hospitalized right after the last show I attended in November, and after you rehab and try to get back into your routine, the thought inevitably pops back into your head: when am I going back out there to catch a show? Starting a new demanding job didn’t help either:...

Sunday, 03 March 2024