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Vinyl Vlog 386

Jurassic Park Original Soundtrack by John Williams We enjoy the art of the soundtrack here at Ground Control and few soundtracks are as seminal as Jurassic Park’s. As I’ve always said, “Does any other soundtrack really matter?” Well, of course the Jaws soundtrack does but the same people are behind both these movies. I digress. It’s truly such a joy to be talking about the music of Jurassic Park. The word gets thrown around a lot but that first Jurassic...

Wednesday, 19 June 2019
TV Party Tonight! #56

Jurassic Park Collection The word gets thrown around a lot but that first Jurassic Park movie is nothing short of iconic. It might be the last Old Hollywood movie ever made. Or maybe it’s the movie that kicked Old Hollywood in the pants. It was so ubiquitous that it made it to my little island of Aruba and we lined up to get into the drive in theatre, as the movie was already playing, and I was trying to...

Friday, 31 August 2018