half divorced

Vinyl Vlog 650

Pissed Jeans Half-Divorced (Sub Pop) Who says punk can’t be funny and bring the brutality at the same time? I’m thinking of a band that does this as successfully as Pissed Jeans and drawing a blank. And, I don’t count grindcore bands because no one can understand what they’re singing about. But with Pissed Jeans, the content is right there. You have to pick it out, but it’s surprisingly easy given Matt Corvette’s barking growl. At the same time, it’s...

Sunday, 05 May 2024
Spotlight: Half-divorced

WHO: Pissed Jeans WHAT: Half-Divorced WHY: Punks can be scary and funny. They also cry. I’ve never heard a band that combines such fury, aggression, and rawness, with hilarious observational humor. Half-Divorced is only a half hour long (as albums like this SHOULD be), and frontman Matt Korvette barks about helicopter parents, the downsides of where we live, and of course, being happy that he’s ONLY $62,000 in debt. This stuff is aggro as shit but brings a smile to...

Tuesday, 26 March 2024