TV Party Tonight! #141

Aquaman The Lost Kingdom You gotta give it up for Jason Momoa who’s made a career for himself being the handsome knucklehead. Also, you gotta give it up for him for bringing hope to the fledgling DC Snyderverse with Aquaman. Snyder’s run wasn’t exactly filled with highlights, but some of the movies in his run at least were successful. I don’t know how much I liked the first Aquaman, but I remember there being some great action sequence. But,...

Wednesday, 20 March 2024
TV Party Tonight! #65

Aquaman Pity poor DC. In the superhero movie rivalry they’ve continuously been getting the short end of the stick. Sure, they’ve made some stinkers, but hasn’t Marvel as well? When you actually think about it, every superhero movie has been a success because every superhero movie has made a gazillion dollars worldwide. Marketing-wise it just seems like Marvel has won the brainwashing brand loyalty battle. They’re like Apple. We’re supposed to eagerly anticipate new product and are unable...

Tuesday, 26 March 2019