andy sidaris

TV Party Tonight! #73

Savage Beach & Picasso Trigger If it’s zaniness you’re looking for in your movies, then look no further than the films of Andy Sidaris. It’s interesting to break down exactly what their appeal is; they’re amateurishly acted, borderline pornographic, and hopelessly predictable. That’s all true. But what’s also true is that they’re a boatload of fun. Keep in mind, the man is responsible for 16 movies of the BBB genre (that’s bullets, bombs, and babes). And I don’t mean mere...

Sunday, 28 July 2019
TV Party Tonight! #66

Malibu Express & Hard Ticket to HawaiiMill Creek Entertainment What gems the Andy Sidaris movies are. If you’re not familiar with them, imagine low-budget sexy spy movies, so bad that they’re good. Wow, I’m actually surprised how well that summarizes them. You’re not going to find too much high-brow content when you turn on an Andy Sidaris flick but you will find a project born out of dedication and love. There’s no doubt that these guys know what they...

Thursday, 11 April 2019