50th anniversary

Vinyl Vlog 479

Our Mother the Mountain50th Anniversary EditionTownes Van Zandt There comes a time in a punk rocker’s life where they have to go back to where it all came from and really branch out. And really, that’s what good punk rock does: it broadens our horizons. For a while, punks were really getting in touch with their folk side. That has since passed, but for aging punks, the midlife crisis music discovery seems to be country. You start with basics like...

Sunday, 07 February 2021
Tv Party Tonight! #36

Night of the Living Dead 50th Anniversary Edition Let’s face it, the zombie bubble is starting to burst. And thank goodness for that. For a while there, zombies were the new pirates. Everywhere you looked there were new zombie movies being churned out, or comics, or books, or stupid TV shows. And also TV shows which were about those zombie TV shows. The truth is that zombie movies just aren’t that great, and its fanbase is a little dumb....

Friday, 13 October 2017