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TV Party Tonight! #84

Knives Out I haven’t breathed a sigh of relief quite like the one I did after seeing Knives Out. I’ve just been burned so often by movies. Either because the trailer misrepresented what it was about to see, or it spoiled too much of the movie, or because the hype (as always) was hyperbolic, or because a trusted filmmaker didn’t make something that resonated with me. When I saw the trailer for Knives Out, I thought it looked like a...

Saturday, 04 April 2020
TV Party Tonight! #75

Shazam! How is Shazam! not the biggest movie of the year? It certainly was a big success and made a whopping $364 million vs its $100 cost, so it is was indeed a giant hit. So much so that a sequel is being developed. But Shazam! didn’t become a cultural phenomenon like the Marvel movies have. And that’s quite a shame, because DC movies will never get the same recognition as Marvel movies no matter how original they try...

Tuesday, 20 August 2019