20th anniversary

Vinyl Vlog 634

Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros|Streetcore 20th Anniversary RSD Edition What an absolute bummer this album is. No, seriously. I mean it in a good way. Of all the Clash members maybe the best solo work came from Joe Strummer. That’s maybe not surprising. What IS surprising is that it came so late in his life. What did the man do after the Clash broke up? He wrote a good soundtrack for a great Western. He released the occasional song (all...

Monday, 29 January 2024
Vinyl Vlog 610

White Stripes Elephant 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition The White Stripes’ Elephant is an important album both for me personally and in the wider scope of musical history as it gives good perspective on what was happening in music at the time.  For me personally, it conjures up memories of driving through the redwoods for the first time, wondering how exactly Meg White manages to hit her drums so hard. It was also the first song we learnt as a band...

Tuesday, 04 July 2023