Swallow The Sun – Songs from the North, I, II, & III [Review]

Swallow The Sun – Songs from the North, I, II, & III [Review]

Thursday, 07 January 2016
Release date: November 13, 2015
Artist: Swallow the Sun
Label: Century Records

Hi, My name is Suvi and this is my first music review for Ground Control Magazine. I chose Songs from the North I, II and III by Swallow the Sun to talk about. They come from Finland, as I do myself, and they´re practically the only doom metal band I listen to at the moment. For ten years (already!?) I have been enjoying their music and many times when I need a personal soundtrack for a blue, or even ’philosophical’ mood, I turn to this band´s music. This latest album, released in November, is a triple album with 21 songs. It’s almost like a protest against a ‘one short hit at a time’ trend that dominates the music industry these days. Many music listeners have become a little bit too impatient to listen to even one song properly – the guys in this band certainly do things their way!

The CD version of the album is split into three discs: First one is including melancholic doom metal that could be considered as traditional Swallow the Sun, and could have been very fluent sequel to the band´s career even in itself, because it´s also the most diverse part of this triptych combining plain acoustic subjects with hints of post metal or old school with modern metal. Second part contains almost entirely acoustic songs and its atmosphere is less metal, yet beautiful and gloomy – These songs could fit ingeniously to the last days of northern summer here in Finland. The third part – third disc – provides a dream-like journey through the disaster and despair, sounding merciless and even darker, like a hangover after too much red wine. In the end the whole package is intact and deserves to be called ’epic’… and it´s never too long!


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