Stanton Warriors – [Album]

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

I’m honestly not sure if you’re ready to do battle with these guys. I tried, only to be trampled over by back-to-back tracks that beat me down with not only the unexpected, but those pounding vibes that make me rock my head at work involuntary. Not only that, but I’ll take a quick peak around to see if anyone’s looking, and maybe bust a move.

I came in knowing a few facts about the Stanton Warriors. Dominic Butler and Mark Yardley are the two individuals that comprise this awesome duo. Coming from the UK, originally from Bristol, these guys have been constantly preparing for battle on the tables. They tear apart anyone and everyone with their remixes to create the best Funkenstein warriors to keep us on our toes. In this third session, we journey knee-deep into their ground-shaking, crowd-moving beats.

When the first track played my first reaction was how cliché. You’re a renowned UK duo and you start your third session album with cuts and sounds from a bunch of different places. I did enjoy the motorcycle sound, but we all know there are about a seven billion albums out on the market that start like this. At this point I felt ahead, possibly being able to defeat the warriors. Come track two I was dead wrong.

As the first track finishes with a crowd cheer and transitions directly into track two, “Club Action (Stanton Warriors Remix),” I start to enjoy the beat. I even crack a smile. The sound brought me loads of nostalgia of when I went to car shows and sat in cars that had so much bass my shirt would vibrate. I have to be honest here, I was so enthralled with the second track I had to listen to it again before going to the next. There are few times in one’s life when they can feel joyous in their own defeat.

Normally when I pick up an album from across the big pond I don’t think I’ll be up against someone from my home court, or hood for that matter. Dominic and Mark bring everyone out in this album. I get totally jumped when I hear Too Short in the fourth track of the album. Not only are these boys bringing the beat for this track, but Too Short on top of this fat beat is nothing for me to fuck with.

You might get cocky by saying that this album is a bunch of remixes, as I hear this a ton at my young age and my music genre of choice, but you’ll just have to keep your ears wide open because the Warriors will rip them off with their track “Get Wild (Bassbin Twins Mix).” That’s right. They bring you music that they made originally, remixed by someone else. They don’t even have to do all the work. A true artist exudes his ability with an action like this. A man might be amazing at a crossbow, but he knows when to put it down and let someone else use the cannon. This remix totally tears it up. It’s one of those dance-floor stopping songs that gets the crowd excited for what’s next with lyrics, beats, or even the simple high-hat ear-ringing noises.

Still on that original is king vibe? That’s cool. They’ll have you still with their all-original track “Precinct.” This song is astronomical and completely unpredictable in its battle-ability. We’re talking a truly experienced street fighter with no formal training. Any sane person cannot compare themselves to this unless they look at themselves as an equal street fighter. Sure the song could have come on remixed by a well-known artist, or the Stanton Warriors themselves, but they bring us something fresh off their own mental digital dance floor.

Every track of this album catches me. This only tells me that there’s at least one track on this album for everyone out there. I bask in my own defeat for this album will be stuck everywhere I go until something tries to knuckle up to it. Until then, this is the beginning of what’s becoming a great friendship for me. Like the movies where the villain and hero team up to defeat an even bigger villain. It’s up to you decided if you’re the villain or hero, but teamed up with Stanton Warriors Sessions Vol III you’ll be able to defeat any of your lifelong villains such as bored ears, mental constraint on life and holding back from your lifelong desire to bust a move on your desk at work.


Stanton Warriors Sessions Vol III is out 11.11.08. Pre-order it on

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