Spotlight: THe Sound of Yourself

Spotlight: THe Sound of Yourself

Monday, 17 January 2022

WHO: Mac McCaughan

WHAT: The Sound of Yourself

WHY: Being late to the game is the name of MY game. I only discovered Superchunk a few years ago and have been loving diving into their back catalog. The Sound of Yourself is frontman Mac McCaughan’s solo work and it serves as an exploration of styles, not sticking exclusively to the rocking sounds of Superchunk. While the songs here expertly vary from ambient, to ballads, to straight up rock songs, what grabs me most is just how it all flows so cohesively: one song leading perfectly into the next building a wonderful listening experience. We contain multitudes and with McCaughan’s distinctive style, he manages to do what few can: he sounds like himself no matter what he throws at the listener on this album. One of the best albums of last year.

Listen to it here.

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