SPOTLIGHT: The Last Page

SPOTLIGHT: The Last Page

Monday, 26 September 2016

WHO: Bracket
WHAT: The Last Page

WHY: Don’t you dare called Bracket old-timers. They’re old school, man. Once firmly established as a Fat Wreck band, Bracket has most definitely taken creative control over their music: self-recording and self-releasing their albums for a while now. And while they may be known for injecting AC/DC-like riffs into Beach Boys-like harmonies, they still manage to progress and challenge themselves with their latest release The Last Page, which consists of a single 70+minute song. Loaded with a guitar-heavy thrash punk rock style, 180 degree turns, bittersweet lyrics, and yes, those harmonies and melodies we’ve come to love, it’s so beautiful yet so sad and all over the place in a very “Bracket” kind of way. Impressive doesn’t quite describe it.

The Last Page may not strike a power chord with everyone and just might go over our heads, but it’s safe to say it’s the most ambitious punk rock record in years.


Get/listen to The Last Page here!

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