Spotlight: The Cup of Pestilence

Spotlight: The Cup of Pestilence

Sunday, 06 August 2023

WHO: Frenzal Rhomb

WHAT: The Cup of Pestilence

WHY: Frenzal Rhomb seem to make a good album only every other time. It took a while to fully absorb, but for a fan like me, I am relieved that Cup of Pestilence is compiled of just better versions of what this band is known for: harmonies, riffs, and witty lyrics. It’s bizarre how punk rock that’s this fast can also sound so melodic. With 19 songs in just 32 minutes, this album knows only one speed, and it gives it to you in once fell swoop. Cup of Pestilence has a lot, and that’s memorable tunes, absurd scenarios, catchy hooks and addicting choruses. If it’s FAT style skate punk you’re looking for, this one’s a heavy hitter.

Listen to it here.

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