SPOTLIGHT: On the Automile

SPOTLIGHT: On the Automile

Monday, 03 October 2016

WHO: The Subprime Lenders

WHAT: On the Automile

WHY: New England has no shortage of great bands and no matter how hard I try I will always be way behind on who the cool new act in the area is. What I do know is that the Subprime Lenders most definitely qualify as one of the outstanding bands in Boston (though technically they’re from Lowell). Their latest release (although a couple years old) pulls from all the right sources from the Minutemen to the Replacements to Pavement and full of references to life in Massachusetts (OK, we’re biased on this one).

On the Automile sounds crisp and polished and hits all the right spots. It’s a pure gem and hard not to love.

Find out the latest on the Subprime Lenders and stream their songs here!

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