SPOTLIGHT: Move Like a Ghost

SPOTLIGHT: Move Like a Ghost

Monday, 10 October 2016


WHO: toyGuitar

WHAT: Move Like a Ghost

WHY: I swear to God, Jack Dalrymple is the unsung hero of punk rock. Everything he touches turns to gold. The man has brought his unique style to toyGuitar, Swingin’ Utters, Dead to Me, and One Man Army (RIP), and will probably continue to do so on many more bands in the future. It’s hard to say which band this man calls home (he personally assured me years ago that it’s the Swingin’ Utters), but whoever he’s writing for will put out some stellar work. Guaranteed. His current project toyGuitar already impressed this fan with their debut last year, and this latest EP carries on in its footsteps with the loud, beautiful and unique kind songwriting that can blow minds.

Move Like a Ghost should be enjoyed by everyone. It’s quite possibly the best EP this year and one hopes is serving as an appetizer for a new full length coming soon.

Listen to/get it here!


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