SPOTLIGHT: Metal is my only friend

SPOTLIGHT: Metal is my only friend

Sunday, 01 November 2020

WHO: Brook Pridemore

WHAT: Metal is My Only Friend

WHY: Brook Pridemore has been at it for quite a while, honing his craft. And just when I think he’s outdone himself, he does it again. Metal is My Only Friend has been out for a couple years now but, as I take calm walks enjoying the Fall weather, its brilliance has finally hit me. This is most definitely an underdog of an album that exceeds all expectations. It’s beautifully crafted, focused in its message, and deep in substance. It sounds like Mountain Goats, but much much cooler. Its foundation is folky and acoustic but layered with a heavy distorted sound. Brook Pridemore has brought it and pity the ones who miss it. He will never cease to impress.

Listen to it here.

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