Spotlight: Manageable Scratches

Spotlight: Manageable Scratches

Sunday, 05 December 2021

WHO: Former Member

WHAT: Manageable Scratches

WHY: For those of you who don’t know, Former Member is a punk rock duo consisting of Jason Shevchuk and Will Yip. The former is front man extraordinaire of bands like Kid Dynamite and None More Black. The latter is producer extraordinaire working the controls for bands like Mannequin Pussy and Turnstile. That alone makes this album worth checking out. Together they make up a powerful hard-hitting punk rock combination that sounds like a Jason Shevchuk project but much harder than anything that’s come before. Their sophomore release Manageable Scratches is another collection of beautifully crafted powerhouse songs that are heavy in riffs, unique in vocals, and charged with the drumming and production of Yip. This is one of those albums that forces you to bob your head, pay attention, and hits you where it hurts.

Listen to it here.

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