SPOTLIGHT: Integrated Tech Solutions

SPOTLIGHT: Integrated Tech Solutions

Friday, 23 February 2024

WHO: Aesop Rock

WHAT: Integrated Tech Solutions

WHY: Boy, this was a close one. Aes’ last two albums had failed to resonate with me and I was starting to fear that either his best days were past him or that I was unable to relate to the guy’s music. I delved into Integrated Tech Solutions hesitantly and, luckily, after spending time with it, was able to finally crack it open. ITS is another example of Aesop Rock’s unmatchably verbose rapping dealing with topics of his personal life. The man is singular. We learn about his appreciation of technology, pigeons, Van Gogh, Mr T, and a confrontation with a tweaker guilty of breaking and entering. The lyrics are complex, imaginative, grounded and fun and the beats are simply the freshest. One of his best that I’m kicking myself for not having appreciated it when it came out.

Listen to it here.

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