SPOTLIGHT: Chihuahua in Buffalo

SPOTLIGHT: Chihuahua in Buffalo

Friday, 06 August 2021

WHO: Scott Reynolds

WHAT: Chihuahua in Buffalo

WHY: In a perfect world, Scott Reynolds would be a rich man. His skill as a songwriting is unmatched. His career has led from ALL, to Goodbye Harry, Pavers, and now his solo venture. No one tells a self-contained story in one song better than Reynolds. His latest Chihuahua in Buffalo is a straight-up acoustic album of new songs and revisits of his older material. They’re about relationships, dating, struggle, and loss. It’s a testament to how strong these songs are that they still sound so fresh and full of personality when they’re so broken down. Reynold’s voice sounds as raspy and playful as always and one yearns to hear the new songs interpreted with a full band. In the meantime, we have these acoustic rockers to keep us satiated.

Check it out here.

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