SPOTLIGHT: Back to Moon Beach

SPOTLIGHT: Back to Moon Beach

Tuesday, 23 January 2024

WHO: Kurt Vile

WHAT: Back to Moon Beach

WHY: Look, you’re not fooling me by calling this an EP, OK? Anything with either 10 songs or more, or longer than 25 minutes is an LP. This thing clocks in at 52 minutes, so KV, you gave us a new album last year, even if some of these songs are covers. KV is the real deal, his style is like no other, his music deceptively simple and his lyrics and vocals uniquely his own. No one else is making this kind of quirky easy listening music. After the kinda boring Watch My Moves, it’s wonderful to hear a collection of songs full of the oddness and personality that we’ve grown to love… even if some of these are covers. The joy is back.

Listen to it here, because KV is too cool for Bandcamp, apparently.

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