SPOTLIGHT: Alone in a Dome

SPOTLIGHT: Alone in a Dome

Monday, 07 March 2022

WHO: The Copyrights

WHAT: Alone in a Dome

WHY: I don’t know if the Copyrights get the credit they deserve. I think I’m definitely guilty of this as well. I keep confusing them with the Dopamines. Are they the same band? Look, you’re not going to get anything groundbreaking with the Copyrights, except some solid catchy power pop punk. Alone in a Dome is one of those records that remind you why you fell in love with pop punk in the first place. It’s loaded with sing-along choruses, memorable melodies, all about girls. Is there any wonder this band is on Fat Wreck? It’s good that the Dopamines Copyrights stick to doing what they do so well. Few can brag about that.

Listen to it here.

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