Skrillex – [EP]

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Inspiration. Dedication. Knowing what you are born to do. Skrillex’s second album (the first one was free) Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites was an encounter that showed these three things quite surely are still in existence on this planet. I went into the album knowing nothing about Sonny “Skrillex” Moore’s album. I was soon able to find out he was more Beiber than Will.i.Am.

No, not from the perspective of the fever, but that both of these artists were born to make music. After reading about the history of Sonny’s life, I was inspired by his dedication to putting out the best music possible.

The first track of Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites, “Rock n’ Roll,” gives the feeling of freedom in music that you seek to hear. Sonny’s dedication to music is heard through the track. The track somehow gives me the root of where Sonny came from – questions in his childhood from being an adopted child. The upbeat vibe of the track and the joyful vocals introduce you to the album with pure good vibes. The escape our parents once had with rock n’ roll, we now have in tracks like this.

The next track, “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites,” is the hit track of the album. When they developed the album, I think Sonny and his team knew this and gave the release two additional remixes of the track.

Oddly enough, I stand on the outside for truly falling in love with “All I Ask of You.” The amazing vocals from Penny lock down to the beat to create that perfect Ibiza sound you’ll love to hear from your local sunset-watching-DJ. Listening to this track more than three times may cause you to have it stuck in your head, or cause you to sing when your mind starts to wander.

“Scatta” takes a hard left as the next track on the album. Going straight into a reggae vibe, we hear the diversity and background of Sonny’s musical history. The reggae vibe of the track is spot on in the genre, but with enough electronic sound to remain within the family of music Skrillex’s album represents.

The upbeat vibe of the album has an unbelievable final unique track before the remixes called “With you, Friends (Long Drive.)” This track leaves  you wanting a vocal session but, while there is what seems to be vocals, no words can be deciphered except for “…my love.” Well Sonny, music is my love, and you've helped make it grow with this release. To all you readers, this is an album you cannot miss.



The Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites
EP is out now. Buy it here on Amazon .

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