Sigur Ros Announce New Album and Live Concert Film Out 11/6

Wednesday, 01 August 2007

Every generation has a band that is perhaps too complicated to fully comprehend, but once you take a step back and allow the vivid soundscapes to envelop your body and seep into your veins, it begins to make sense. Sigur Ros is one of those bands. Being a fan for years, and having seen them live and actually met Jonsi down in San Diego while we there for the Takk… show, their performance and their very presence is imprinted on my brain. And perhaps that’s why I check their news religiously to see what the hell else they have coming out or when they will be back to the States.

Sigur Ros have announced a new compilation album due out November 6th called Hvarf-Heim. The first part, “Hvarf,” will have studio versions of unreleased songs, “Salka,” “Hljomalind,” and “I Gaer,” as well as new imaginings of "Von" and "Hafsol"—the latter being the song where the bassist takes a drumstick to his instrument and then your world turns upside down and you realize how much violence and release can be present in music and at the end you are curled up into a little ball in your seat even though you don't remember moving at all during the performance.

Whew. Just had to get that off my chest. The second disc,  “Heim,” and will have live acoustic versions of “Samskeyti,” “Staralfur,” “Vaka,” “Agaetis Byrjun,” “Heysatan” and “Von,” taken from the band's free summer concert series around Iceland.

Said concert series is the subject of their upcoming concert called Heima. The film will be released the same day at the compilation, making that a day of slight musical importance. The trailer shows the entire country as a landscape that equals Sigur Ros’ music in beauty and mystery, and has the same feel and style of their breakthrough video for “Gloslli.”

View the Heima trailer here:
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